22 Brutally Honest Confessions From A Massage Therapist

Worse than dating a stripper is dating a masseuse. And while she may not be doing it to music, she is still stripping. So then, when your friends ask if your stripper girlfriend strips for you, you can say that yes. Yes she does. The problem is, those involved in the art of massage are often doing it all day long. Date a stripper, and you never have to ask said stripper to do what she does at work, at home. Eventually, she just will.

13 Secrets of Massage Therapists

Massage therapy has been around for thousands of years, and there are few indulgences that offer as many physical and mental healing benefits. Once you find the right person, they are worth their weight in gold. But what if you hit it off with your masseuse beyond the confines of the massage table? That said, here are some signs a massage therapist might be flirting with you:. Of course, there is a power imbalance at play here. Simply put, anything that makes you uncomfortable.

; combine advertising for a licensed massage therapy service with advertising for an escort or dating services; use any sexually suggestive language or images​.

BOISE, Idaho AP — Susan Stockton, a Boise massage therapist, had a client years ago who reminded her of how diligent massage therapists must be in maintaining boundaries between themselves and the people they treat. A certified neuromuscular therapist with years of experience, Stockton could feel a breakthrough moment when the tissue relaxed. Just then, the client sat up with a surprised expression and told Stockton he was falling in love with her.

That could have made things weird. Stockton said the declaration was an opportunity for her to talk to her client about the emotions that can arise when someone eases your pain, or when your brain gets a rush of happy chemicals. Massage therapy is unlike any other profession. It involves prolonged physical contact, sometimes without clothing. The client is vulnerable.

So is the practitioner: Therapists told the Statesman that it is common for women and men in their profession to be propositioned or grabbed at by clients. But therapists must maintain boundaries or put their jobs at risk. An increasing number of disciplinary actions by the Idaho Board of Massage Therapy involve boundary violations. Idaho massage therapists have been regulated by licensing rules for only four years. Of the 2, therapists currently licensed, state records show, there have been 14 disciplinary actions for problems more serious than failure to keep up with continuing education — a common offense in all professions.

Half of those 14 involved boundary violations.

Idaho massage pros disciplined when boundaries aren’t clear

She’s Japanese and grew up in Japan. I don’t know how long she’s been here, but I’ve been to many massage places over the years, and have found that the places staffed by Asian girls are the ones where they often offer “happy endings” Obviously I wouldn’t ask if I had my mind made up although I’m leaning towards “no” , and the decisions mine to make, but I thought it’d be interesting to find out what other people thought. Why don’t you do yourself a favour and book an appointment with a massage therapist so that you can actually discover that such an appointment is quite therapeutic in nature and its not your run-of-the-night happy ending erotica.

Massage therapy is for healing aching muscles, injured ligaments and for maintenance to keep what your chiropractor has helped to make you as pain free as possible. If she works as a massage whore, then that’s quite a different story. You should ask her where she got her degree.

Get Insured · female massage therapist massaging client. Continuing Education Massage Therapy and Health. Massage therapy Effective Date May 1,

A friend recently made me aware of a news article which I found fascinating. The scenario is a massage therapist who befriends one of her clients, ends the therapeutic relationship, begins dating the former client, falls in love and marries him – and then has a complaint filed by the new husband’s ex-wife for violating a state statute banning sex for two years between massage therapists and ex-clients.

The therapist claimed she was unaware of the statute. You might have seen this news article, as it has been discussed on various massage-related chat groups on the Internet; as usual, I am amused and delighted at the variety of feelings, opinions and expressions of dismay that have been shared. At first read of the story www. After the second and third readings, however, I got into the complexities of the issue and the potential repercussions of similar circumstances for the rest of us.

Yes, there is an issue raised about legitimate regulation, but there also are issues of good practice management, common sense in dating choices and social interactions, and the importance of being aware of boundaries. If you are able to access the article, I think you’ll agree that no one is contesting the illegality of the actions of the massage therapist, but rather discussing the mitigating circumstances and the advisability of the regulation in the first place.

The therapist was questioned by the state on small gifts exchanged between her and her client. The state indicated the gifts represented further “boundary issues,” and contends that taking tips is unethical because of “transference,” a process in which trust in the practitioner leads to increased reliance and vulnerability. I found this quite interesting. In my own practice, I don’t encourage tipping I suggest clients put the money toward coming in more often so we both benefit , but I honestly can say I never felt unethical accepting a gratuity if the client felt like providing one.

When trying to expand my understanding of the issues raised, I did a Web search of “sex with clients” and found that almost all of the hits involved attorneys having sex with clients! I was expecting a raft of information on psychologists and social workers and medical practitioners, but if Web articles are a measure of the size of a problem, lawyers are the front-runners.

Any one married or dating a massage therapist? Guys what do you think?

Please stop asking for hand jobs, guys. It’s not going to happen. These French words were hijacked in the s and quickly became a euphemism for sex work. To cut a long story short, we find the term a bit outdated. It’s a bit like calling a flight attendant a stewardess. So-called “massage” parlours only tend to massage dicks, which gives real massage therapists a bad name.

I have to assume that anyone who would have a problem with their partner being a massage therapist either a) Does not understand what.

My massage therapist is a year-old hottie named Peter. Which is exactly how I like it. I try. Funny stories seem to just find me. As in, not my young hot massage therapist. I dunno. Wait — how old again? And yet I did. And yet, nope. Because it was all starting to feel a little awkward. And the massage strokes a little sexier.

Dating Massage Clients

My entire body was in painful knots at the time because I was going through some intense family drama. My mom, being the love nugget that she is, bought me a gift certificate for a spa treatment, saying, “Get something nice for yourself sweetie, you need to relax. And relax I did.

Christopher Sherman asked the woman on a date while she was lying on the table during a massage, according to an agreed statement of.

I am a massage therapist and I know my boyfriend doesn’t really enjoy knowing what I do.. Any suggestions as to how I could make him feel more comfortable. He’s a great guy but I wish I knew a little bit more of what he might be feeling. Set up a massage appointment for him in the same or similar professional location with a female therapist so he can receive the same type of therapy that you offer to your own clientele.

This may give him a picture of your profession from another point of view. If you have shared your massage skills with him and it has led to more intimate sessions with him than what you would normally offer in a professional massage setting, it might be difficult for him to separate the two different scenarios. He is probably having a tough time visualizing you working with someone else without having thoughts of wanting to take things intimately further.

He is probably avoiding the topic because he doesn’t want these intimacy images running through his mind over and over. He probably cares about you very much and does not want to share part of you with other people. If he can see your work as you see your own work, then he may be able to open up and understand that your clientele only get a small portion of your kindness and caregiving, where he on the other hand, can experience the whole package, if ya know what I mean :.

I Feel Bad For Masseuse Daters

He is amazing and we have a very strong connection. During my hour-long massages we spend the entire time talking with each other — he tells me about his family, his aspirations, his inner reflections, everything under the sun. Oftentimes our exchanges leave him laughing so hard he has to pause the massage. We give each other book, TV, and music recommendations, and I even wrote about him in my blog — twice — and he loved my writing.

Seeing him is one of the highlights of my month.

They range from a female therapist dating a client she hadn’t treated for many months to a therapist who had sex with multiple clients. Idaho.

Practice restricted to licensed persons. Application and renewal. Medical referral required. Penalty for practice or use of title by unlicensed person. Penalty for knowing and wilful employment of unlicensed person. Advertising by massage therapists. Requirements and prohibitions. Enforcement within available appropriations. Formal investigations. Note: This section is effective October 1,

Speed Date a Massage Therapist

This is an essential part of a good intake confidentiality that leads to the beneficial peek connection. That builds trust, which is key to building sustainable, therapeutic client relationships. And it supports her self-client efforts.

When people find out I date a massage therapist, their eyes light up with envy and mine roll. They always say “WOW! You’re SO lucky!!” I tend to.

Section Any person who uses the term ”massage” in his professional title without being authorized to do so shall be subject to discipline by the board. Anyone who: i knowingly aids and abets another to use the term ”massage” as part of a professional title when the person is not authorized to do so; or ii knowingly employs persons not authorized to use the regulated professional title in the course of such employment, shall also be subject to a disciplinary proceeding before the board.

The term ”advertise” as used in this section shall include, but not be limited to, the issuance of a card, sign or device to another; the causing, permitting, or allowing of any sign or marking on or in any building, vehicle or structure; advertising in a newspaper or magazine or on television; or through electronic means; any listing or advertising in a directory under a classification or heading that includes the word ”massage” or commercials broadcast by airwave transmission.

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(1) A massage therapist who treats clients or patients eighteen years of age and older must keep client or patient records for at least three years from the date of.

Your first appointment with a new massage therapist can be a little like a blind date. The fact is, a good relationship between you and your therapist is essential. Being under the care of someone who understands just what you need to reach that intricate balance makes all the difference in taking your treatment beyond the basics and will leave you feeling refreshed inside and out.

So how do you go about looking for that perfect match? Getting help from the experts is a good place to start. Like the other important relationships in your life, communication is key.

Dating a female massage therapist

Dating plsss. Originally Posted by Smithers. Quick Therapist Misc.

The therapist must provide optimal levels of professional massage and in a separate client file that indicates the date of the session, areas of complaint as.

Getting a good massage can be a blissful experience. Whether you get a deep tissue, shiatsu, reflexology, or Swedish massage, you’ll hopefully feel serene and pampered afterward. But massage therapists do much more than simply knead your muscles and decrease your stress. We spoke to a few to learn their secrets of their relaxing trade. Although some people use the terms masseuse and massage therapist interchangeably, Duren says that masseuse has a sexual innuendo and implies a lack of education.

Regulations vary by state, but most massage therapists undergo hundreds of hours of training, learn multiple bodywork modalities, and pass an exam to become certified or licensed. And they must complete continuing education credits to stay up to date with the latest research and techniques. Although you may be planning to shower after the massage, be considerate and practice good hygiene before your massage as well. If you shower before your massage, allow enough time for your hair to dry.

Massage can be both a complementary healthcare practice accepted by some medical insurance plans for people with chronic pain and injuries and a relaxing, spiritually nourishing activity.

Do therapists get attached to their clients?